We are expanding our R&D team and looking for super-talented engineers to join us. You will partner with us not only to develop the best technology, but also to build the best workplace.
We are expanding our R&D team and looking for super-talented engineers to join us. You will partner with us not only to develop the best technology, but also to build the best workplace.

We expect you to be:

A nice person. Not joking. We are a small group that spends a lot of time together, and we want that time to be enjoyable for all.

A clear thinker. We’re tackling some of the toughest problems in the field. We expect you to think about them in the right way, including simplifying and breaking them down into smaller parts. When things do not work the way you think they should, we’ll be counting on you to design the right experiments to find the root cause. You make things as simple as possible—and not one bit simpler.

Honest and outspoken. We are not a big corporation, and we do not tolerate workplace politics. If there are problems and risks, we want to know. If you are unhappy about something (anything),  we want to know. If you feel you need assistance, we want to know. We also want to know when you are happy and things are great. Bottom line: We want to know, and we want to know as soon as it happens.

Someone who follows through and does not give up. The rule of thumb says 80% of the work takes 20% of the effort. But we also know that in order to create great products, this hard, meticulous, last 20% of the work has to be done. You don’t quit when things become hard, when progress is slow or when you’re stuck. You keep on going, live up to the challenge and feel great about it.      

Our promise to you:

Competitive compensation package. Real talk: No, we can’t compete with Amazon/Google/Facebook/Microsoft on that one. We do, however, offer a fair market value salary plus stock options and the regular benefits you find in tech companies.

Your voice will be heard. We will take you seriously and continuously provide you with opportunities to affect the way we think and work.

Unbounded career growth opportunities. Hey, we’re just starting out, and you’ll be one of the first to join us – who knows where we’ll be next year?

We will provide you with everything you need to do your job in the best way. This means a nice working environment, great colleagues, and coffee. Oh – and also the computing power, data, and software you need.

You will work on some of the most challenging and fascinating problems in computer vision.

 It will be a fun adventure!

Open positions

3D Data Engineer - 3D Technical Artist and Programmer

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain, extend and operate custom rendering and data preparation pipelines.
  2. Maintain, extend and operate procedural 3D asset generation workflows.
  3. Develop custom R&D tools in the field of 3D modeling.
  4. Arrange and validate training datasets.

Required skills:

  1. Blender Python API (BPY) experience.
  2. Comfortable with Linux and CLI software.
  3. Solid understanding of texture and material modeling and rendering.
  4. Solid knowledge of 3D standards and high-level PBR shader construction.
  5. Basic knowledge of Substance Designer and Substance Automation Toolkit.
  6. Knowledge of Docker and AWS Batch – advantage
  7. Experience as a Technical Artist – advantage
  8. Methodological and well organized. 

Algorithm Developer – Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Develop Computer Vision algorithms, hands-on. Mostly advanced Deep-Learning models, but not only. Other Computer Vision and image processing stuff as well.
  2. Integrate your code into our production system and maintain it – because we believe in end-to-end ownership.
  3. Wrangle and manipulate data. Yes – this is part of the job. You will not have to do it alone, but it is a small startup and everyone does everything.
  4. Keep on top of your game. Read the latest and find out what’s greatest.

Required skills:

  1. You studied hard and obtained at least a Master’s degree in a relevant scientific field from a respectable university. And you had to write a thesis/dissertation to get your degree.
  2. You’ve spent at least 2 years of your career developing computer vision technologies, hands on.
  3. You have at least 1 year of working experience with deep-learning models.
  4. You love coding and are proficient in at least one programming language. You are either comfortable with Python or eager to become such.