3D Model Quality 

A key differentiator of our technology is in its ability to generate high-quality 3D models, automatically and at scale.
All our AI-generated 3D models are of similar quality to those created by 3D artists.
In addition to being of high visual standard, the 3D models are also provided with essential features that enable creators to make additional edits and adjustments as needed, because we want you to get the most out of our models.


All of our generated models feature professional meshing topology. The higher poly-count models we provide are typically quad-meshed with geometrically adaptive density, and our lightweight, low-poly models are highly polygon-optimized and triangulated.

3DFY.ai AI generated Ottoman model with presentation of UV map

UV maps

We always provide 3D assets with high quality UV maps. By default, UV coordinates are generated at a uniform scale, with uniform directionality and provided as a packed UV atlas. With certain export formats (e.g. *.blend) a second UV set is generated, for which a real scale is provided (assuming that 1 unit in UV space is equal to 100 cm)

PBR textures

Our models are provided with physically-based rendering material textures, using the common base color / metalness / roughness / normals workflow. You can also choose the desired resolution of the generated texture atlases to match your application from a range between 512 to 4k.

multiple LODs

We can generate any item at your desired level of detail, whether you need a lightweight model for online experiences, or a high-poly asset for photorealistic renders. Our assets are generated at the target LOD, so we don’t just subdivide or decimate.

divided into semantically meaningful parts

The models we generate are always divided into parts in a consistent manner with consistent human interpretable naming across each of our categories