3DFY Prompt
playground & API

3DFY Prompt is an innovative generative-AI text-to-3D web service designed for individual creators who want to bring their ideas to life in a tangible way.

With 3DFY Prompt, users can easily transform their text-prompts into high-quality 3D models that can be used for a variety of purposes, from designing virtual environments for video games to creating 3D models of products for prototyping purposes. The service is user-friendly and accessible, allowing even those without prior proficiency in 3D modeling to create stunning, professional-grade 3D designs. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, 3DFY Prompt gives you the tools for turning your imagination into reality.

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In addition to a web service for individual creators, also offers an API for enterprises wishing to integrate 3D asset generation into their workflows. The 3DFY Prompt API is highly versatile and can be integrated seamlessly into a range of software and applications. By leveraging the 3DFY Prompt API, businesses can gain access to powerful 3D modeling capabilities, while avoiding the investment in their own tools or expertise, thereby saving both time and resources. Contact us to learn how you can add generative 3D capabilities to your applications.

Example case study: API integration for casual games

Integrating the Prompt API into casual games enhances the gaming experience for users and provides a competitive advantage for gaming companies. The API's text-to-3D functionality allows for the creation of personalized and interactive 3D objects, which enhances user engagement and retention. The ease of integration makes it simple for gaming companies to incorporate this technology into their existing games, providing a significant boost to their overall performance metrics.

3DFY Megapacks

3DFY Megapacks is an advanced 3D dataset generation service designed to cater to the needs of enterprise customers, at scale.

This service utilizes generative AI to create massive synthetic 3D datasets that can be used for training machine learning models, testing computer vision algorithms, and enhancing virtual experiences. The dataset is generated with high accuracy and granular control over data distribution and features according to desired properties, variability and technical specifications.

With 3DFY Megapacks, enterprise customers can leverage our cutting-edge technology to accelerate their development, enhance their products and services, and stay at the forefront of their industries.

Example case study: Virtual user research in retail

By leveraging large 3D datasets for simulations, CPG companies make data-driven decisions on inventory management, and distribution, as well as virtually test out different product designs and packaging options before physical production. Additionally, 3D simulations help the CPG companies create visually appealing and engaging product displays and advertisements, improving customer engagement and driving sales.

3DFY Image develops a complete framework to facilitate solving the 2D-to-3D problem for various domains by using artificial intelligence, to create high-quality 3D models with just a few existing images.

Generating high-quality 3D models from just a few images is a challenging task due to missing information and self-occlusions with a small number of images. At, we solve this by training our AI models on category-specific datasets, enabling them to complete missing information in a plausible manner.

Our unique technology allows us to offer a white-glove service that can transform 2D images into high-quality 3D models at an unprecedented speed and quality.

Example case study: 3D product catalog production Image drastically reduces the time and cost required for retailers to convert their product catalogs from 2D to 3D, by using 3DFY image as part of their studio production pipeline. Instead of manually sculpting and texturing 3D models from scratch, let our optimized AI pipeline transform product images, through a highly automated process, into 3D models of eCommerce quality.

Custom solutions

The use of 3D assets for various applications in various verticals is constantly growing and our platform can be customized for different other use cases.

The process of customizing our solution is performed in collaboration with the customer and entails understanding the problem domain and specific use case, formulating a clear problem definition and specifications, including clear measures of success. 

Our deep learning infrastructure is designed to be category agnostic and can be trained on a variety of object classes. This enables us to quickly adapt it to new use cases according to the needs of our customers..

Example case study: Automotive parts design inspiration tool's generative-AI technology is bringing a fresh perspective to the creative process of designing in the automotive industry. Using a customized variant of 3DFY Prompt, creatives can transform text prompts into 3D models and explore various motifs from different angles, allowing for experimentation in real time with shape, surface texture, color, and other parameters. This inspirational design tool is empowering designers to expand their creativity and explore new ideas in their design work. Custom Solutions Example Schematic